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The Chinese Crested is believed to have evolved from the African hairless dogs. These dogs were traded among merchants and sailors thereby making their way to ancient port cities around the world. The Chinese, who seemed to favor dogs of smaller size, selectively bred the African hairless to a smaller size and continued an active trade. Explorers, as early as the 1500s, found these dogs in ports throughout Central and South America as well as African and Asian cities.

Chinese Cresteds joined the breeds depicted in European art and architecture in the 19th century. The breed is also represented in photos of English competitions from the era, but no breeding program was evidenced.

The Crested acquired an active and enthusiastic following in the United States in the early 1900's. Breeders kept an extensive stud book and registry beginning in the 1930's. Gypsy Rose Lee, the famous stage personality, acquired a Crested in the 1950's and became an ardent breeder helping considerably to publicizing the breed. The Chinese Crested was first registered with The American Kennel Club in 1991.

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